Who We Are

CANELCARN S.A. is a Commercial Meat Warehouse, family-oriented, established in the North, specifically in Canelas, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, since 1993. For this reality contributed successive generations of the same family, that have been stimulating growth and its strong claim on the market in which it operates, continuously targeting the best quality, available to about 1,000 customers, that representing each year a turn over exceeding € 12,000,000.00.


The distinction of customers for choosing our products, face to the competition, is rooted in the spirit of seriousness and objectivity with which we always commit. Our slogan is To Serve Better Progressing Well, proofs of that are the products we selected in the source, at the best price with quality and freshness necessary to our loyalty and final costumer.


For this success CANELCARN counts with a staff, composed of highly qualified professionals, some with higher education.

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Our Mission


Our mission is to offer meat with better quality and in a responsible manner, respecting the environment, ensuring the best transport, contributing to a better development of our sector, through innovation, consolidate the position of CANELCARN, in existing markets, as well as into new market segments, expanding to the central and southern regions of the Country, strengthening its geographic scope.


There are about two decades to put at the disposal of our customers meat of better quality, without renouncing the objectives and principles, which until today shall prevail in the spirit of the founders of CANELCARN, which in confidences in the forefront of our industry.


Our strategy

Today our strategic line of action is the internationalization of our company, capture new markets in PALOP - African Countries of Portuguese Official Language, under which investments may be included in the creation of a new unit of Industry and Transformation of Meat, Frozen, Ham, Derivatives and Distribution (fresh, frozen and smoked), expansion into new markets and new typologies in product presentation.


The philosophy of CANELCARN efforts on total customer satisfaction, by betting on the quality of the products it sells, which are divided in generic terms in the following areas:


  • Fresh meat: 
    • Cattle, Swine, Sheep, Goatand Poultry
  • Frozen meat
    • Cattle, Swine, Sheep, Goatand Poultry

Given the current economic and social, CANELCARN, evidence a performance well above average, standing out clearly from their counter parts, fact that allowed him to achieve the status of PME Leader and PME Excellence Leader.


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